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Hot-Girl-610x381 Picture Box
The release don't come back up you can take your knees wants straight line from your knees to your shoulders sort of unmodified think now we're not going to be doing push-ups exactly we're not actually going to be bending at the elbows rather we're going to be contracting and releasing are upper back with this is doing is straining your neck to be free and get back so often we use inserted as one entity and with this helps isolate those weird work doesn't make an activist network so we’re really just going to be letting your shoulder seam and then think about machine the floor away with straight-arms sink and push you away see really want to feel that in the middle love your shoulder blades if you feel like it's a little bit rate and review him little closer to you just want to see ok contract shoulder blades in she waved good sink well push you away you don't want to block out your elbows want me mostly straight but think keeping slight bend do endured engineer other juries good down the tract the next treated stew three more like this them Duke ok last one Duke very good they're going to work on /urn army school so we're going to take a seat here soup just the back gently with your feet about it with this is the part be resting on your elbows and shouldersgonna be rape palms facing down right next to your body now we're just going to be pushing your armband shoulders to lift her hips off the ground just anew inches so really it's not as much about getting the hips up for this its more just seeing how far you can search the show there the from.


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